Improve your bottom line with effective inventory management. Increase your productivity, spend more time with your patients and less time managing your inventory

Also available is SPEX UPC On Demand; a downloadable version of SPEX UPC which comes free with your subscription. No more waiting for your disc to arrive in the mail each month, now easily download the newest data at your convenience. To access SPEX UPC On Demand and update your frame inventory, login to Frames Data Online with an active Frames Data SPEX UPC subscription.
Please note: SPEX UPC works only in conjunction with Practice Management Software. If you do not have Software and/or your software is not listed below on the SOFTWARE tab, click HERE for information on Frames Data Quarterly DVD.
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SPEX UPC is frame information that loads directly into practice management software, drastically reducing the time spent on inventory management. Because the data is not manually-entered, costly data entry errors are virtually eliminated. Use SPEX UPC and get the full benefit of your technology investment: set retail rates automatically, scan new frames directly into inventory and automate insurance forms.
  • Spend less time updating your inventory. Save your practice hours of data entry work every month. SPEX UPC does the work for you!
  • Protect your margins. Because you don’t enter the data by hand, data entry errors are eliminated. Be confident that your retail rates are based on correct pricing and that your managed care claims use the most accurate wholesale prices.
  • Make the most of your technology investment. Realize the full potential of your software’s inventory features with minimal effort. Scan barcodes, set retail pricing and more!
    Your SPEX UPC Subscription Includes:
  • 12 monthly issues of SPEX UPC provided on CD-ROM.
  • Access to Frames Data Online, our online database of frames.
For a single location license:
1 Year (12 Issues) - $489.95
1 Year (12 Issues) - $592.95
1 Year (12 Issues) - $697.95

Multiple Location Practices: We have licensing packages available for any size practice! If you are a multiple location retailer, please call your License Account Manager at 1-800-821-6069 x 2 to create a license account customized to your business’ needs.

Please note that individual SPEX UPC subscriptions are only authorized for practices with 1 dispensary. Licenses are required for all multiple location practices, including operations where inventory and/or managed care claim processing is centralized. Use of SPEX UPC without proper licensing is a violation of the license agreement (located on the CD-ROM) and is prohibited.
The following software packages are integrated with SPEX UPC:
Software Package Company Name Website
Crystal Practice Management Abeo Solutions, Inc. www.crystalpm.com
Computerized Optical Systems (COS) CC Systems www.opticalonline.com
EyeCare/Ophthamology Advantage Compulink www.compulink-software.com
MedFormix Crowell Systems www.crowellsystems.com
Vision Digital Vision, Inc. www.thedvi.com
RevolutionEHR EyeCodeRight Online www.eyecoderight.com
OfficeMate Eyefinity www.officemate.net
MaximEyes First Insight www.first-insight.com
FlexInventory FlexSys www.flexdx.com
Eyecom2 Healthline Systems www.eyecom2.com
Eyecom3 Healthline Systems www.eyecom3.com
My Vision Express Insight Software www.myvisionexpress.com
Optical Shop Intangibles for the Trades www.intangiblesit.com
io Practiceware IO Practiceware, Inc. www.iopracticeware.com
KeyOptical Key Medical Software, Inc. www.keymedicalsoftware.com
LiquidVision Liquid Software Designs, Inc. www.liquidsoftwaredesigns.com
Medflow Medflow www.medflow.com
EyeBase Office Management Mountain Computer Systems www.eyebase.net
Visual Lab Pro National Optronics www.nationaloptronics.com
Optifacts Optifacts, Inc. www.optifacts.com
Optivision Laboratory Optivision, Inc. www.optivision.com
Opto Opto / Professional Practice Systems www.opto-pps.com
PCIS GOLD Practice Management PCIS Gold www.pcisgold.com
RLISYS RLISYS Practice Solutions, Inc. www.rlisys.com
VersaVision Module of VersaSuite Universal Software Solutions, Inc. www.versasuite.com
Optical Manager Virtual Officeware, Inc. www.virtualofficeware.net
VitalWorks OptiShop VitalWorks Inc. / Cerner Corporation www.vitalworks.com
Practice Director Williams Group www.practicedirector.com
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For subscription questions call 1-800-739-7555 or email customerservice@framesdata.com.
For technical support call 1-800-821-6069 x 1.
For instructions on loading SPEX UPC, please contact your software vendor directly.

Please check our Resources and FAQs pages for additional product information.